Smart Vehicles in Ireland

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Green Driving

There are ways of reducing your impact of driving depending on how you use your car. Reducing the amount that you use your vehicle will save energy. For example car pooling with collegues or combining all your errands in one trip. Also the way you drive effects how much energy you use, so you should limit both acceleration and braking, keep your tyres pumped up and have your car regularly serviced. To benefit the environment and your community it's best to drive your car as little as possible.

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What Car We Should Drive

Our cars release both polution and carbon emmisions into our atmosphere, this creates an unhealthy environment and leads to climate change. Changing the way we use our cars or swiching to a more efficient or electric car would improve the impact that we have on our environment. New cars but a big stress on the environment. It's always better to get a used car. Electric cars produce no pollution at the tailpipe however using electric cars does increase demand on electricity production. Therefore it's best to sign up to a green electricity provider if you intend to run an electric car. To make it easier for you, the government has recently put in place incentives for people buying electric cars, these include a €5000 grant, exemption from VRT and the ESB will be installing a charging infrastructure across the country.

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