Green Electricity in Ireland

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Hydro and Wind Power

Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources such as the sun, wind, biomass and tides. There has been a lot of interest in renewable energy technologies recently because of concerns about climate change, high oil prices and peak oil. However the contribution renewables make to our overall energy demand is quite small. New renewables such as solar and wind power accounted for 2.4% of global energy, but this area is growing rapidly. In Ireland we have huge potential for wind energy. There is the potential, in the future for 100% of our energy coming from wind power.

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Wave and Tidal Power

We need to find a replacement source of energy other than fossil fuels. Both wave and tidal power are practically inexhaustible and are therefore renewable energy sources which we can tap into to plug the energy gap. There is a vast amount of energy which can be harnessed from Ireland’s marine environment through wave and tidal energy technologies. There is potential not only to provide a significant contribution to Ireland’s domestic electricity requirements, but also to become a net exporter of electricity, supplying Britain and mainland Europe with a clean renewable source of electricity. Ireland’s offshore renewable energy resources have significant development potential and are considered as being among the best in the world, with the practicable wave energy resource estimated at more than 6000MW.

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Power of the Community

Traditionally we are accustomed to the state controlling our electricity generation, but that's not the only way it can be done. Communities have been getting involved in investing in renewable energy generation as a great way of securing their energy future. Projects aiming to do this are being developed in Clare and Tipperary. On an individual level you can sign up to an electricity provider that sources the majority of its energy from renewable energy sources. Also to help you be more energy efficient the government plans to introduce smart meters to every home in Ireland.

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