Food and agriculture in Ireland

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Growing Together Community Food Systems

Growing Together Community Food Systems A “community food system” is one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution and consumption are integrated to enhance the environmental, economic, and social and nutritional health of a particular place. This is a goal towards which many communities are now striving. Across the country, communities are initiating diverse projects that develop connections between different parts of the food system for example community gardens, food cooperatives and a new idea called a CSA, a community supported agriculture project or a community farm. Music by Michael Lovatt.

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Rethink What We Eat

Our current food systems are very vulnerable, supply chains are long and modern farming is heavily dependent on oil to produce, process and import our food. We need to explore the critical issues regarding our food: How far does the food we eat come? What is the impact of large scale farming and our increased meat based diet? What are the initiatives in Ireland to encourage us to grow some of our own food? These issues are becoming more important in this time of change. Music by Michael Lovatt.

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