Electricity end-use in Ireland

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Powering Down

There are many steps we can make to power down our energy consumption in our homes and save not only money but CO2 emissions. The cost of energy is set to so we need to explore how we can future proof our homes and reduce the amount of energy we use in them. We all waste energy but with a few adjustments to our daily routine we can cut our energy use significantly. By changing our bulbs to low energy varieties and getting into the habit of switching off appliances overnight, not leaving rooms with the lights on, and turning down the setting on your thermostat tonnes of green house gases will not be emitted. Music by Michael Lovatt

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A-Rated Efficient Use of Electricity

We can save energy in the home by using the most energy efficient appliance possible. All European manufacturers and retailers must tell you about the energy efficiency of certain household electrical appliances through the EU Energy Label. This helps householders make informed decisions about the purchase of energy-consuming appliances. Energy efficient appliances also have wider environmental benefits. Because they help to reduce the negative effects of electricity production, energy efficient appliances are better for you, and better for the planet. Music by Michale Lovatt

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