Climate change in Ireland

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The Climate is Changing

Climate change is here. Just look at the weather! And it looks like it’s our fault. Burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal emit greenhouse gases which cause the planet to heat up. In the past century global temperatures have risen by 0.6 degrees. This may not sound like much, but on a world average it's massive. Ireland can expect more storms, floods, and water shortages. If temperatures rise by 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, we're in for a very rough ride. That's just the tip of a rapidly melting iceberg. Music by Michael Lovatt

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The Converging Challenges

On the last show we looked at Climate Change and how we can avert the worst if we start taking action now. In this show we will continue to explore the converging challenges. As we slide deeper into an economic recession a question we often hear is, “how long is this downturn going to last?" There's a commonly held belief that it is only a matter of time before we get back to a ‘business as usual’ scenario. But we are facing challenges such as peak oil, the issue of water getting scarcer, the economic downturn and how this convergence of challenges can be an opportunity to make a lot of the changes we should have made a long time ago. But what many fail to grasp is the severity of the problems we face and the ‘once in a species’ opportunity that these challenges offer us. Music by Michael Lovatt.

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